Hello! I am Garvit Kashyap and I’m a fifteen-year-old from India. I really, really like to watch TV, sports, mainly tennis and read about the latest in technology. I’ve started this blog because I really want to express my thoughts on all these interests of mine that I’ve mentioned.

Let me tell you, Blogging has really helped me out. Not only is it good for using one’s hidden talents, it also helps find people similar to you. I have found many people who’ve liked my blog writing about the same things that I write. There isn’t a day that goes by during which I don’t open my blog and check for views. Even if I get one view, I get really happy. I’m very new at all this, and I hope that all of my readers enjoy what I write. I know, it’ll be a long journey, but who cares as long as I do what I like and like what I do!

Keep reading, keep writing! 🙂