Nadal beats Warinka to win 10th French Open Title

Today’s the match of two of the most consistent players of French Open 2017, who haven’t lost a single set this whole tournament. Rafael Nadal, the nine-time champion and world number 4, who is eyeing to make history by winning the title 10 times, unlike any other player in tennis history. Stanislas Wawrinka, 2015 champion and a three-time grand slam champion, who has never lost a grand slam final.

The match, as we all know it, is going to be intense, with both the players trying their best to win the second grand slam of the year.

The Match

The match starts with Nadal getting an early lead of 4-2, but neither of them is giving the other a chance to win any point. But Nadal is clearly seeming to be the formidable one, who is winning point after point, but Wawrinka can only slow him down, but even that seems impossible! Nadal wrapped up the set 6-2 in about 50 minutes, giving him a huge lead over the Swiss master.

In the second set too, condition are much the same, with Nadal dominating and hardly letting Wawrinka win a point. Nadal got a pretty easy lead of 3-0 in the second set, with some shots that were just so elegant and difficult to even touch. The match is going into Nadal’s hands, with Wawrinka making undesired unforced errors, but finally winning the fourth game to make the score 3-1. The crowd can’t stop cheering for Rafa, who doesn’t really seem under pressure. If Wawrinka keeps hitting the net instead of the other half of the court, I really don’t think he’s got even a small chance of even winning a set against the King of Clay.  Nadal has got a huge lead of 4-1 in the second set, and if he keeps playing these impossible shots, no one can stop him from winning his tenth French Open crown. Even though Stan has won another game in the set, making the score 4-2, there is no stopping Nadal. Here he goes again, he just made the score 5-2, and I think I know who’ll hold the trophy at the end of the day. Nadal has the lead and there he goes, Wawrinka just broke his racquet out of frustration. It is fair actually, who wouldn’t get angry when they are losing a match so badly. Nadal wins the second set 6-3, and here we go now, to probably the set to Nadal rewriting history, or maybe not.

Nadal is in complete control of the match. From winning short rallies to long ones, there is no one who can break the great wall of Nadal. Who could have ever thought that a grand slam final would progress so fast, even when one of the best players of the open era are playing against each other? Nadal, as usual, is still dominating the set, getting an early 2-0 lead in about 15 minutes. I don’t think Nadal is ready to drop even a single set in the whole tournament. The quality of tennis that comes from such players is just of the highest level. Nadal now has a 3-1 lead and is inching toward his 10th championship title. Wawrinka is putting a lot of effort in gaining each and every point as he can, but still making a few unforced errors that give the advantage to Nadal. The Spaniard now has a 4-1 lead in the final set and  is serving for the 6th game of the set. Nadal just won’t let the Swiss champ even win a point, and has now progressed to a 5-1 lead, most probably playing the last game of the championship.

And finally, Rafael Nadal has won his 10th French Open, and his 15th Grand Slam title, after 3 years. Commendable performance by the Spaniard/The King of Clay, who has ensured his name in tennis history. Rafa has yet again proven himself with a fabulous comeback after three difficult years full of injuries.

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