Scorpion 3×21: “Rock Block”

When two people are getting married, they don’t need to hear the probability of their marriage succeeding, neither do they want to attend lectures on family planning, and economic assets etc. But we know Walter, right? While Toby and Happy are having fun in spa’s and saunas, others are busting themselves planning their wedding.

Scorpion is asked to retrieve an asteroid/meteor in the Chechnyan Republic and as usual, everything goes south.  They are able to recover the asteroid/meteor and bring it back to earth. When Toby advises conducting a biopsy on the rock, that is when things go sideways. After the biopsy, he finds out that there is some extraterrestrial DNA that could possibly wipe out life on planet earth. After giving these results to the General in charge, he tells them to leave as their work here is finished and it is up to the government to take care of the rock. When the team is being escorted back to the airport, they start devising a plan, but it turns out that the Chechnyan president ad general have been listening to them all along. On their way, the team is stopped by the President’s attaché and forced to get out of the van.

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He takes their badges and shoots them, and it turned out that he had been sent by the president so that they can help in solving the E.T. DNA problem. Everyone is working on their part of the plan, and they ask Cabe for help, who’s in the garage with Allie who has collected some dirt on Patel, who can be removed from alderman and Sly can take over. Walter asks Cabe to conduct some experiments with which Allie helps him. After sending those results to them, they continue with their mission, with some help from the President and his attaché.

While Toby and Paige are making some chemical compounds that involve the use of bird poop, Happy and Walter enter a wind tunnel that shares a wall with the room where the asteroid is kept and start burning it with a makeshift flamethrower to find out whether the DNA strands are lethal or not. The wind tunnel suddenly starts and the wind starts flowing at super speed, making both of them afloat, and had they not held on to something, the tunnel blades would’ve cut them to pieces.  Sly somehow turns it off and Happy starts burning the asteroid. As the General is about to show the asteroid to the press, the President puts on some music so that no one can hear what’s going on behind the walls.

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Toby and Paige, after finishing with their experiment, enter the wind chamber and find out that the DNA strands are not harmful. They make their exit as fast as they can, and when they are about to reach the spot where the US Army has officials waiting for them, the radio in the car speaks that the President is in custody. They turn around the car, and Sly makes a rather “sly” [pun intended] agreement with the Chechnyan General.

The team returns back home safely, and find Cabe taking a nap alone. After asking about Allie, Cabe tells that she’s gone. Sly persuades him to ask Allie out and in return, he will take the title of alderman. In the end, Paige deduces that Happy and Toby have been having fun all along, and then gets bribed to keep her mouth shut. After Walter finds out the perfect song for Toby and Happy’s dance, Paige and Walter try it out, and the episode ends with Paige staring deep into Walter’s eyes, maybe Waige’ is alive.

The episode was funny, thrilling and Walter’s new social developments may make Paige fall for him yet again.

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Rating: 9/10