Arrow 5×18: “Disbanded”

So you probably remember last weeks episode, right ? And if you don’t, you have no right to be reading this blog. Because if you ain’t seen the last episode, you ain’t seen nothing. After Oliver’s confession to kill for fun, he has shut the crusade. Stopped his vigilante business, and has set everyone free.

Diggle, who’s still trying to figure out what really happened with his friend, has now decided to take down Adrian Chase with the help of other team members. Adrian, who is now under protective custody from SCPD,  is romancing free in the City Hall, manipulating Oliver Queen. I honestly haven’t seen Oliver this broken before. This new change in character of Oliver truly shows how deeply Chase has affected his mind. Oliver contacts Anatoly and asks him to kill Adrian Chase with the help of Bratva. Adrian agrees, but in return Oliver has to supply him with certain diabetes drugs, that when altered and consumed, can be more addictive than heroin. When the Bratva is taking all the drugs into their custody, Diggle and all interecept them midway, not knowing that it’s the Bratva. But when he learns of the fact that it’s Anatoly’s operation, he stops and asks him why he’s there. John is completely shocked to hear that Oliver has sanctioned the operation. 

John confronts Oliver, who tells them why he is doing all of that. John says that he doesn’t know what Adrian did to him, but calling the Bratva, and giving up on everything isn’t the solution to this problem. He tells him that Adrian is somehow stil in his head and he shouldn’t’ let him affect his mind. Oliver, who still is broken from the inside ingonres all of arguments and tells him to stand down. Felicity is running her own operation with Helix, and with there help, find out that Adrian once removed his mask in front of a camera, but used some kind of device that scarmbled his face. Curtis finds out about all of it, and then enters Helix, with Adrian’s scrambler. Felicity and Curtis decide to infiltrate Kord’s industries, who made the device and will be able to decrypt it.

But John wasn’t going to listen to him at all. When Adrian is being transported in a car under police protection, their entourage is blocked by Bratva, who are then again stopped by John and all. Adrian manages to run away, but Curtis blocks is way and gets whooped, abviously. But he does something with his spheres and then runs away. The police get back and take Adrian with him. Oliver then confronts Oliver at his apartment, and then lands a punch on his face. John is somehow able to convince Oliver that it is not over, and there is always hope. Oliver suits up, not as the hood, but some black uniform, and then Team Oliver try and stop Anatoly at Kord industries. They are able to stop Anatoly from competing his operation, and Felicity and Curtis are successful in decrypting the scrambler, that discloses Adrian as Prometheus.

Dinah and Quintin show the footage to SCPD, and then contact the Marshals under whose security Adrian is in at present. Adrian  finds out that he’s been made, and very brutally kills the Marshals, by continuously stabbing on with a pen. He escapes in a car, with his face and clothes covered in blood, and whistling and listening to songs in the car. Cool, right ?Oliver agrees to start his justice crusade once again, but still, he is not ready to suit up as the Green Arrow right now.I knew it. He could barely survive a day without being the Green Arrow! Even though any episode can’t top the impression last week’s episode made in y mind and hear both, this action did have a lot of action and I commend all the cast for their acting in this one and the last one.

P.S. – Oliver breaks up with Susan. 

Well, this concludes this week of all CW superhero shows, and we’ll have to wait for another 23 days to watch our favourite TV heroes.

Rating: 9.5/10