The Flash 3×18: “Abra Kadabra”

So, I just watched this episode, and let me tell you, I was scared, really really scared, because,  don’t worry, no spoilers –

  • Caitlin dies
  • We know who Savitar is.

Just kidding, nobody dies, and we unfortunately still don’t know who the scary God of Speed is, but both these things almost happened today. Anyway, we just faced a new villain today, he goes by the  name Abra Kadabra, and he’s from the 64th century, yeah, he if from four thousand years in the future, and you must be thinking that he’s some sort of magician, and worry not, your guessing game is still on point.

He has come to the 21st century, to steal some technology for building a time machine. He attacks many high-tech companies, and always get away even before our dear Barry can get a hold of him. One time, Flash got hold of his hand, but he turned it into a fake one. Cisco’s lost love Gipsy returns, in search for our magician, who had killed many people on her, including her partner. Caitlin and Julian are still only on talking terms and nothing more than that, given that last time she took the Philosopher’s stone, that led to Savitar getting free.

Abra Kadabra, who already knows everything about everyone, says that he knows who Savitar is. When Barry is finally able to catch and lock Abra Kadabra up, he demands him to tell the truth. Denying, obviously, he says that the only way that’ll be possible is to set him free. Even though everybody disagrees, Joe secretly lets him free, only to know the real identity of Savitar, when he wast just about to say it, Gypsy interfered and that resulted in Caitlin getting really hurt. Even though she recovers, not fully, Abra Kadabra is still roaming free, finding pieces to power his time machine. After he finds the final piece, that was at surprisingly at S.T.A.R Labs, in Gideon’s room, he sets off on his journey to the future. Barry is able to stop him, with absolutely no help from Wally, whose role in the show is one of the few things that have me puzzled.

Team Flash let Gypsy take our magic maestro to her Earth, and she leaves, with Cisco in utter despair. In the end, when H.R. finally returns, and his absence in the episode was quite undefined, suddenly Caitlin starts seizing, and all her vitals start becoming unstable. Julian, Cisco, and HR try their best to revive her, but just can’t and that leads to our beloved Caitlin’s death. I was truly about to faint when Julian removed her necklace that dampened her powers, and that results in the quick healing of her wounds, and that also unleashed the very dangerous Killer Frost, who escapes S.T.A.R. Labs. Though I took a sigh of relief that Caitlin was alive,  I don’t know what’ll happen next. Barry, then at Joe’s home, decided to go to the future, to discover who Savitar is. The Flash will now return after almost a month, on April 25th. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle the wait, and I really don’t understand why the TV show makers make us go through all this torture. I absolutely can’t wait.

With Cisco’s much-loved puns and one-liners, the suspense of Savitar’s identity and Iris’ fate, and the shocking end, this episode was worth watching

Rating: 9/10