Legends of Tomorrow 2×16: “Doomworld”

I’ve got to say, this was on of the best episodes of Legends of Tomorrow. The Legion of Doom really messed up everything. Each one of the Legends have been given a new life and they remember nothing from their past ones. The episode starts with Sara and Amaya catching a vigilante for Damien Darhk, who’s now the mayor of Star City. The female vigilante turns out to be Felicity Smoak, doing all the action business since everyone- Flash, Arrow, Renee, Spartan, Mr.Fantastic, Green Arrow have been caught and killed by him, as shown by the stand of the masks of all of them. I was so exited to see Felicity all suited up, but Sara killed her on Damien’s orders in just the initial 2 minutes. I was pretty upset with it. I thought Felicity will keep fighting, but turns out I was wrong.

Malcolm is a successful businessman, Eobard is the smartest man on earth, and own S.T.A.R. labs, even though they have new lives, they remember their past ones. Another thing, Eobard has his greatest fear, the Black Flash, as prisoner. Stein, who’s still a scientist, works at S.T.A.R. Labs and Jackson is his boss. Ray is a janitor, working at the same place, and Rip, who is still in the Waverider, is designing cakes and desserts with Gideon. Weird, huh? And Nate, is a man living in his mother’s basement, who makes awesome sandwiches.

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Nate, who somehow discovers that something is wrong with this reality, contacts Eobard and places his thoughts in front of him. He orders Mick, who also hasn’t forgotten anything, and Leonard to kill him. On their way, as Nate is about to get killed, Mick realises how big of an idiot he was, and knocks Leonard out and takes Nate away, to Ray’s home, who’s a janitor and also feels that all of it isn’t right. He has built a gun that can restore their memories. Mick picks it up and shoots Nate in the head. It brings back his memories and the first thing he does is punch Mick. He knew he deserved that. The same happens with Ray, who again punches him for his betrayal.

Meanwhile, Damien had already sent Sara and Amaya to bring back Mick and take care of the situation. All of them start fighting each other, and suddenly Sara gets shot with the special gun, and again, Mick gets punched in the face. At Damien’s office, Amaya tells everybody that she got separated during their fight and Sara could be dead. After a moment, Sara arrives at the office. But Damien figures out that she has got back her memories, a tells Amaya to kill her, when out of nowhere, Sara takes out the gun and shoots Amaya in the head. The both of them somehow get out of there.

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Then, the team is also able to help Jax recover his memories, and when he tries to do the same with Stein, the old scientist somehow pushes away the gun and breaks it. Stein was working on a top secret project for Thawne, which he was going to use to destroy the Spear o Destiny. Our heroes’ only chance to get everything back. All the Legends enter the secret facility, and in no more time, The Legion of Doom is there. When all of them start fighting, and simultaneously play passing the parcel with the Spear, in the end, it lands with Mick, who is just about to give it to Leonard, but changes his mind and gives it to Amaya.

Just as she’s about to change reality, Leonard freezes her up with his cold gun, and then says

“I’m sorry Mick, I know you loved her to pieces”

And then he actually breaks Amaya into pieces. Really! She was just lying their probably melting and evaporating! Eobard takes the Spear from Snart, and then incinerates it. The Legends decide to go back in time into the war and stop the Legion from getting the Spear, but their only way to travel back is through Rip and the Waverider, who is busy creating cakes. After an argument with Gideon, Rip agrees to send  a message to all the Legends, from the Waverider, which turns out is the size of a toy and is kept on stand in Thawne’s office!!

Rating: 9.5/10