Supergirl 2×17: “Distant Sun”

So now there’s a bounty on Kara’s head. All the petty aliens of the world are coming to kill her, but she’s ready to fight each and every one of them. Mon-El is stepping up in his relationship with Kara and learns how to cook. Hank Henshaw is ordered by the President of The United States Olivia Marsdin, to stand down and not to engage with the Daxamite ship. Kara easily tackles the first alien that comes her way quite easily.

Hank advises Kara to stay on the DL for a couple of days till they can tackle the problem, Kara, reluctantly agrees to do so, even though I would’ve loved to see hundreds of aliens getting defeated. Mon-El, suspicious of his parents, calls them in the alien bar and asks whether they put the bounty or not. The Daxamite Royalty completely denies it, but Mon-El still doesn’t believe them. While James, Winn, Kara and Mon-El are just having fun, when out of nowhere, a bald alien, who’s a telepath and can create super awesome waves on his head, takes over Mon-El’s mind and starts attacking Kara, though she is able to defend himself, Winn stops the alien from further manipulating everyone’s minds.

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The alien says that he is the most powerful telepath in the whole galaxy, and they couldn’t get any information out of his brain even if they wished to do so. At that moment, when Alex is just about to torture him with a wrench, Hank steps in and then takes place a 10-second long mind battle between him and the alien. They both move their heads, make serious faces, and at the end, Hank emerges victorious. The telepath says that the person who put the bounty on her head was Queen Rhea of Daxam. Supergirl says that she’ll go and talk to them, but Hank Henshaw stops her, telling her about the President’s orders.

Kara and Mon-El still go to have just a polite chat with his mother at the Fortress of Solitude. Maybe I should cut the word polite. That talk turned from politely explaining¬†things to Queen Rhea to her taking out Kryptonite blades and badly injuring Kara. Just when she is about to kill Kara, Mon-El steps in and agrees to go to Daxam with her only if she spares Kara. She does so and they both get teleported to the Daxaamite spaceship. Who knew Mon-El’s mother could be so intimidating, strong, and clever? She kinda reminds me of Cat Grant. I miss her, really, she was my favourite character on the show.

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Kara and team devise a plan to get into the Daxamite spaceship, and Kara goes into the spaceship. She fights with guards, easily defeats them, and then comes Round Two. Queen Rhea takes out her Kryptonite blades, and in an epic battle, when she’s about to stab her with the blades, nothing happens! Turns out it was Hank Henshaw disguised as her all along! Subtle! Winn enters the ship and gets Mon-El. While Hank Henshaw is having trouble holding off the guards, Kara steps in then all of them are fighting each other. When Rhea is almost overpowering Kara, Mon-El steps in again and then stops the fights.Alex and Maggie run into the latter’s ex-girlfriend of 5 years, that causes a bit of a problem between the both of them. But because of Alex, they’re able to sort it all out and everything becomes fine.

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Mon-El’s father gets everybody to relax and lets Mon-El go away. ¬† While everybody’s happy on Earth, Mon-El’s mother is telling his father that he is really disappointed her. But they hug it out, and before you know it, Rhea stabs her husband with a knife, then says, looking at Earth, “I’m not done with this world.” Okay, now I really miss Cat Grant. Queen Rhea really reminds me of Cat Grant.I wonder when she’s coming back. In the end, POTUS is talking with Hank Henshaw and she says that he’ll face the consequences for disobeying her. Just after their video chat is over, she reveals her true self- an alien. Yes! She is an alien. Even though they gave a hint in Season 2 Episode 3, this showed her real face. So, America everywhere has messed up Presidents. Hmmmmmm. I don’t know which alien she is, but she does NOT look pretty.

Well now Supergirl won’t return for a month, so you’ll have to make do with the next episode’s trailer.

Rating: 8.5/10