Quantico 2×15: “MOCKINGBIRD”

I really have mixed feelings about this episode. I don’t really know what to say. It was good at some points, and average at some. In this one, a plant explodes, contaminating the water supply of a whole town of Brookwall and the town is being evacuated. The local police are saying that it might be an act of terrorism. Unsure, the task force looks into the matter and finds out that bombing has been doctored and is fake news.

They discover that all the tweets, alerts were the work of ‘trolls’. Clay asks Owen the pros and cons of the team members. He spills everything unknowingly that the conversation is being recorded by Clay. When the team enters their bunker, the video takes everyone by surprise, even Owen. Moving on, all of them track the ‘trolls’ with the help of Harry Doyle, who’s still lumbering here and there.

Well, apart from all that, do you remember that journalist who was looking into Ryan in the last episode, she’s back and is causing him a lot of trouble. She’s able to discover his real identity and blackmails him, and is also able to find out that all his colleagues were there with him at the party. That’s pretty dope for an art journalist, but everyone needs the front page once.  So, Harry and Alex enter the American compound of the hackers’ group who doctored the footage and retrieve some information that later turns out helpful.

Clay just can’t stop demeaning Nimah in front of everybody, and still, thinks that she is a terrorist and not a vital part of the force. Even though without Nimah, the mission wouldn’t have been possible, he later does thank Nimah and acknowledges her for her contributions. I was really getting annoyed at him, and I was imagining that if I had been there, I would’ve punched him. Well, turns out Clay is not that bad after all.

Clay is still struggling with leading the team as he thinks that the team sees Owen as the captain, instead of him. Owen tells him that he has a lot to learn, but will stay out of his way.

Based on the intel, they got from the hackers group, the discover that there is something in Cornwall that the bad guys, most probably a politician is looking for, and went to such great lengths only to get it back.

After ignoring Nimah calls, Clay debriefs the team and all of them, with Harry, search houses, undercover, as people working for EPA, They find out that the bad guys are not looking for something, they were looking for someone, and had Clay answered Nimah’s calls, they would’ve been prepared. But in the end, Nimah saves the day. The person they were looking for worked for a senator and was responsible for leaking fake news to the news channels. They let her go, Clay, congratulates the team on their win.

At the bar, Ryan sets up a date with the journalist, to whom he gave a story in exchange for his. Alex and Ryan are still figuring out their relationship, and I don’t know how long it will go on. Will they get back together, or not?Too many questions to answer. In the end, Harry is recruited back into the team, and everyone is happy. No, no, no, wait. You really think it was going to be like this, never. This is Quantico, people. So, at the very end, Shelby gives Leon a call, but he doesn’t pick up. Then, two people wearing doctor masks are exiting a bathroom, where there’s a message from Shelby and someone is lying in a bathtub, in his own bloodbath.

Rating: 8/10