Iron Fist Season 1 Recap: All you need to know before “The Defenders”.

So, I just finished watching the Season 1 of Marvel’s Iron Fist. And I would like to say, I’m impressed. Even though critics just smashes it like a pinata, I seemed to like it. Now, you’ll get to know everything about this Netflix Original. The story revolves around Danny Rand, whose plane crashed near the Himalayas, killing his parents, and now as returned to his home in New York, trying to establish his identity when the whole world seems to believe that he’s dead.

His father’s company, Rand, is now being run by siblings Joy and Ward Meachum, who are the children of Harold Meachum, Danny’s father’s best friend and business partner. While Danny is having problems proving that he is the real Danny Rand, he meets a Karate instructor Colleen Wing, who runs a dojo. In the morning,  she is a martial arts instructor and at night, she’s a street fighter who fights for money.

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Danny Rand has the gift of the Iron Fist, that makes his fist glow and makes it unbreakable. And his only objective in life is to destroy “The Hand”. That we’ll talk about a little later in detail. When he enters the Rand building, security tries to stop him but he eases his way past them and they aren’t even able to harm him. When he reaches Ward and Joy’s office, he tries to explain to them but then is forced to exit the building. Danny then contacts Colleen and goes to her dojo to talk to her. After being given the cold shoulder, he leaves her dojo and then is attacked by some mercenaries sent by Ward. Colleen, after hearing the noise, goes to help him but is shocked when she sees Danny overpowering them.

Then, when Joy agrees to talk to him, he tells her that her brother tried to have him killed, and then suddenly faints. It turns out that he had been drugged by Joy. He then wakes up in a psychiatric hospital trying to get free but discovers that he is all tied up. Even though he is able to prove to his doctor that he is Danny Rand and tells him that he grew up in a monastery after the crash, the doctor advises him to undergo anxiety treatment. Danny manages to escape the hospital by breaking a metal door with his bare hand and only with one punch.

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Then comes the surprise entrance of Harold Meachum, who is supposedly dead. Ward, who has known this all the time, is advised by his father to shift Rand to a better place. But instead, he orders people in the hospital to kill him. Danny manages to escape the hospital by breaking a metal door with his bare hands and only with one punch.

Harold, who lives in a penthouse and never leaves, visited Rand just before he escaped from the hospital. After a while in his penthouse, he is confronted by an old woman and is punished by her as he left the penthouse. This woman later turns out to be the person who saves Harold from dying. Colleen Wing is then attacked by Ward’s mercenaries, but she is able to overpower them and then meets Danny, who is then allowed to stay at her dojo.  Danny later meets Joy, who offers him $100 million to change his identity and leave Rand alone. Danny then meets an old friend of his father’s who assures them that she will help him getting his identity back. After winning the case, Danny, who has 51% control of the company is reinstated.

Rand follows Ward somewhere, and climbs the windows of the building but then is pushed down by someone who turns out to be Ward, protecting his father from getting his identity revealed. Danny wakes up in Harold’s penthouse, who welcomes his warmly, and asks him to destroy “The Hand”. In the company, Danny uses his majority power in a way that causes tensions among the board members. At Danny’s apartment, Joy is attacked by the members of a Trias, but Danny manages to save her and then leaves her at Wing’s dojo and finds out that the reason they attacked them was because Rand had bought a pier that helped in the Triad’s business but now they have stopped it.

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A new drug problem arises in New York City. And a Rand factory producing carcinogenic waste chemicals causes 15 cancer cases in the area. Danny’s kindness lands his whole company into trouble but Ward is able to handle it.  Danny then meets Claire Temple, who trains at the dojo. Danny asks Wing to infiltrate the pier to which she agrees. They find out the in a container the scientist who made the formula for the drug is being transferred. He enters the container, overpowers the bodyguard in a long fight, but in the heat, the scientist gets stabbed. Claire is able to save him temporarily but advises them to take him to the hospital. The scientist says that he is wanted in several countries and that his daughter is with The Hand.

At Rand, Ward, who is shown taking many anxiety medicines, throws all of them away to please Joy. Ward and Danny then start looking for further clues where they find a note in a dead man’s mouth who Danny fought to save the scientist. And let me tell you, there was only the face, no body, nothing! Only the face. Danny reveals that The Hand is challenging him to a combat. Rand accepts it and reaches the building where the challenge was supposed to take place. He says that if he wins, The Hand are to free Sabina, the scientist’s daughter, to which Gao, the old woman who cured Harold agrees. Danny barely manages to defeat his opponents, but then the rules of the combat are changes. Gao tells him that she will let Sabrina go if he withdraws from the battle. After doing so, Gao tells him that she has seen many Iron Fists and has even met his father. But when he tries to talk to her, he easily overpowered by her. Meanwhile, the scientists condition degraded and Claire and Wing are forced to take him to the hospital, who is then abducted by The Hand.

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Ward relapses and causes trouble at an infirmary where he goes in search for drugs, but Joy handles the situation. Two men from hand visit Harold’s penthouse to ask him something. Danny comes in and all of them get into a fight where both the men from The Hand get killed. Harold asks Ward to take care of the bodies by dumping them into a river. Danny finds Gao at the Rand enterprises, discussing details about the drug with an employee. After Gao’s departure, Danny forces her to give him her password. After that, Danny, Wing and the Triad attack a Hand facility and then they get to know that Gao is in Anzhou, a city in Beijing. Danny reveals that this was the place where they were supposed to be had their plane not crashed.

The board at Rand votes Joy, Ward and Danny out of the company. He then meets Harold, who belittles him. Ward then takes a knife and stabs him several times in the back and the front. He then dumps his body into a river. Dany, Wing and Claire, on reaching China infiltrate Gao’s facility where Danny and Wing are forced to fight Gao’s guards. While Colleen is able to get past the female guard, Danny faces an opponent with a new style of boxing, drunken kung fu, or Zui Quan, and he also a Chinese who has a British accent. I found that weird. I don’t why. Danny almost beats him to death, but Claire and Wing stop him. The three of them are then forced to face Gao’s guards, who are then killed by their own weapons that were poisoned. In a flashback, Danny deduces that she used the same poison to kill her pilots. All of them then take her back to New York.

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Ward and Joy are offered $100 million to break all the ties with Rand. Ward almost accepts them but Joy declines and shows them photos of board members that can be used to blackmail them. Ward then takes Joy to the penthouse to tell her the truth about their father, but his creepy hallucinations stop him from taking the step. At Wing’s dojo, they try to interrogate Gao using truth serum, but that proves to be useless as she claims to have been tortured a lot in the 17th century.  It turns out that Wing was poisoned in China, and then asks Danny to call his mentor, Bakuto. Gao’s men attack them at the dojo but are defeated. Bakuto arrives and advises Danny to heal Colleen with his Iron Fist.  That drains Danny of his powers, and then everyone, except Claire, is taken to Bakuto’s institution, where Wing was taught.

An unknown person, who further kills a man with a food truck is found lurking outside the dojo. That man made lethal throwing stars out of foil paper. Really! Foil paper. Harold, who was dumped in the river, suddenly comes back from the dead and is then fully functioning in a few hours. After reaching his penthouse, he kills his assistant brutally. Harold then plants heroin in Ward’s car, that gets him arrested and transferred to a psychiatric hospital. After a while, Joy reaches the penthouse and meets her dead father after several years. Danny wakes up in the academy runs by Bakuto. Suspicious of him having great knowledge about the Iron Fist, Danny enters a restricted area and finds out that Gao is being kept there. After further investigation, he finds out that the academy Bakuto is running is The Hand. Enraged due to this betrayal by Colleen, he also finds out that Hand is running a mass surveillance operations keeping an eye on everyone from Harold to Colleen. He tries to get out of the academy, where Bakuto confronts him, but the latter is defeated. Danny is then accompanied by the man who killed the food truck guy, and he turns out to be his friend, Davos, from the monastery where the both of them trained together.

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After Danny is unable to summon the Iron Fist that is their only way of getting out of the academy, Danny and Davos keep on fighting hundreds of Hand students when Bakuto stabs him with an object that further drains his powers. Colleen helps the both of them get out of there and herself runs away. Danny gets help from Claire and afterwards is advised by Davos to return back to Kun’Lun, their monastery.  Wing asks for a favour with her former student at The Hand but is reported by her and then taken captive. She manages to escape by hurting her students. Meanwhile, Bakuto has taken the Meachums hostages and asks Danny to come there if he wants them to live. Danny, Wing and Davos formulate a plan, and Danny enters the penthouse. The Meachums are left alone, but Joy is shot in the waist. Danny is being escorted out the penthouse in handcuffs when he breaks them and starts fighting with Bakuto’s guards. Davos and Wing enter and also, with a lot of difficulties, are able to defeat them. Bakuto runs away but is then followed by the three of them.

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Wing insists that they let her fight Bakuto, in which she emerges victorious. After that, when Davos asks Danny to return, on his refusal, they get into a duel, in which Davos gets defeated. Colleen and Danny were training when Ward texts Danny to get out and tells him that Harold has framed him for the drug problem. On their way out, the both of them area confronted by the soldiers from the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Agency. Harold reveals himself to the world and takes over the company. Colleen and Danny, after a chat with Gao, find out that Harold was the mastermind of the plane crash that took place fifteen years ago and killed Danny’s parents. Joy leaves, after talking to Harold and Ward and then Danny, Wing and Claire formulate a plan to finish it once and for all. In the end, Danny and Colleen infiltrate Rand with help from Claire, and this takes us to the final fight between Danny and Harold, in which Ward interferes and shoots his father.

Danny afterwards convinces Colleen to come with her to K’un-Lun to which she agrees, only to find some people from The Hand lying in their own blood in the mountains, and the K’un-Lun missing. In the end, Joy is found sitting in a cafeteria, conniving to kill Danny, with Davos. And Gao is listening to them from a table behind them.

Rating: 8.5/10