Arrow 5×17: “Kapiushon”

Whooo! This is episode was by far the best one I’ve ever seen. And I don’t think anything will be able to match its level. Prometheus has been keeping Oliver captive for six days and is continuously torturing him. There’s a lot of blood on Oliver’s body, but Adrian doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a damn. All he wants is for Oliver to confess, but he doesn’t really know what to confess to! He keeps asking him to confess, keeps torturing him, but Oliver has no answer.

I think this was the episode with the most flashbacks. Most the episode we learnt more about Oliver’s past in Russia, and how he and Anatoly figured out a plan to take out Kovar. I think Anatoly’s the man. He just guessed what was going to happen in the future with Oliver, and it all turned out true! He said that being the hood will get him killed, and I think he was not to the point, but somewhere near it. I have never seen Oliver scared.Imagine! Oliver Queen scared. I though he was just about to beg him to save his life. Oliver is barely keeping himself together when he puts Felicity’s glasses in front of him. Even though I could see the rage on Oliver’s face, he couldn’t do anything about it.

Image result for oliver queen kapushion

Back in Russia, Oliver and Anatoly learn that Kovar is planning to kill all the Russian delegates with a WMD. They intercept him when he is about to take the shipment of the destructive gas, but fail and Konstantine gets away with the weapon. But, they get one of his men and start interrogating him. When he doesn’t spill, he puts on the hood and starts interrogating him his way. When Anatoly comes, he sees all the monstrosity Oliver has caused, and can barely look at the body of Kovar’s man as Oliver did something to him that Anatoly can barely see.

He is successful in getting the information and says that Kovar is planning on killing all delegates on the opening day of his casino.  Then in the present, Adrian shows him the photo of a man he killed by shooting three arrows into his chest. He again asks Oliver to confess, but after getting no reply, he shoots the three arrows into his chest near his shoulder. Man, I wish every episode would be this thrilling. The torture, the pain, his past, everything was awesome in this one.

Then, Adrian brings in Evelyn, who we haven’t seen in a long time, all hurt and throws her in front of Oliver. Then he throws a knife in between them. He tells them that when he returns, one of them should be dead and the other one will be let free. Evelyn, says that she can’t handle all this, picks up the knife and tries to stab Oliver, but he pushes her back. When Adrian returns, seeing that no one’s dead, he snaps Evelyn’s back and kills her. No I know for sure, Adrian is psychotic, mad, and everything. He just doesn’t give a damn! That makes him the coolest villain Arrow has ever had.

Back in the past, Bratva sneaks into the casino, start searching for the gas that Kovar is going to use to kill everybody. Oliver, already inside as the hood, enters the main control room, guides Anatoly and his men inside. But soon afterwards, one of Anatoly’s men betray him and takes them to Kovar. Oliver, filled with anger, killing everyone who comes in his way, reaches Kovar, kills his two bodyguards, switches off the gas that Kovar released and gets into a fight. I didn’t know Kovar was such a nice fighter, he almost kills Oliver, but in the end, when Kovar takes out a knife, Oliver somehow gets hold of and stabs him in the stomach, even though Anatoly advised against it.

Oliver is then made the Bratva captain and gets the tattoo that he has on his chest. Anatoly tells him that his alter ego, the hood, will one day cause him much pain. Oilver tells him that everything is fine. Well, he said that becauase he didn’t know the future. Had he known, he would just leave all of it and run away. And even the if he doesn’t, I say he’s a jerk.

Back to the hardcore present! Suddenly, Evelyn wakes up, and tells Adrian that she knew he can’t do it and walks away from the room. Now it’s sure, Adrian always thinks 10 steps ahead. Someone, finally, who can scare Oliver Queen/Green Arrow. Now comes the best part, Oliver’s dark secret. When Adrian is still asking him to confess, Oliver finally spits it all out.  He says :

Adrian: “You don’t kill becuase you have to, then why?”

Oliver: (in a low voice)” I want to”.

Oliver: (shouting) “I kill becuase I wanted to! Because I like it!!”

It turns out that justice isn’t what was in Oliver’s mind all along. It was the thrill, and he likes to kill people. This demonomaniacal obsession is what keeps him going. Truly, the makers of Arrow did a great job showing all this. And when he said all that, a chill literally ran down my spine and had a bad feeling in my stomach. And I have the same feeling every time I watch that part, yeah I’ve watched it over 10 times. In the end, when Adrian lets him go, he reaches the Arrow cave, where Felicity and team are working on finding him.

When they realise he’s there, he tells them that it’s over. He doesn’t want to do this anymore. He’s shutting everything down.

I’m like whaaaaaat ?

Image result for arrow kapushion gif

Image result for arrow kapushion gif

Finally an episode I’m giving a perfect score to. If this was episode 17,  I don’t what’ll happen in the finale. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!!!

Rating: 10000000000/10


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