The Flash 3×17: “Duet.”

La la la la aaa! Oh! Sorry, I was brushing up on my notes, you know because it’s musical time!!!! Hank and Mon-El arrive in Earth-One, carrying Kara, in their search for the Music Meister. When the Music Meister’s sudden appearance at S.T.A.R. Labs shocks everyone, Wally and Flash go to confront him, but that results in Barry getting whammied, and meets Kara, who’s singing Moon River amazingly. The start to the musical was delightful.

Kara and Barry meet Winn, Cisco, Malcolm Merlyn, Martin Stein and Joe, who are married to each other and have Iris as their daughter. Mon-El is Merlyn’s son, and Joe and Merlyn are arch enemies. But, like just like West Side Story, Iris and Mon-El end up falling in love with each other. ¬†When Kara and Barry confront the Music Meister, he says that the only way for them to get out of there alive was to follow the script. On Earth, it turns out that the Music Meister has been draining the both of them of their powers all along, but Cisco, J’onn and Wally are able to capture him.

Joe and Martin ask the Kara and Barry to find their missing daughter, who isn’t really missing but is found kissing Mon-el in a secluded room. Kara and Barry convince them into telling the truth to their fathers, and when they do, their fathers just start singing a lovely song about love for their child.

Even though it seems that the fathers have come to peace with it, they decide to go to war. Now comes my favourite part of the episode, Barry and Kara singing and dancing together in front of the audience with a lovely “You’re my super friend” song. They then hear gunshots in a nearby alley (everything happens in an alley!) and almost get themselves killed, when Cisco vibes Mon-El and Iris to the illusionistic world of musicals and they just save them, by expressing their love. If all of it was going to work out just after the princess kisses the frog or the prince kisses her love, why so much trouble?

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In the end, we find out that the only reason Music Meister did all this so that Kara and Barry can find their love. Whaattt? He, who I thought was going to be the villain, was just helping the superheroes!! Well, all of it ended happily, with Barry singing a lovely song for Iris, that’s still in my head, and then proposing to her. Two proposals in two weeks! Way to go Iris. Even though they were from the man, still, two proposals. She says yes, of course.

All’s well that ends well.

Rating: 9/10