Supergirl 2×16: “Star Crossed.”

Mon-El and Kara decide to watch a musical movie together. Is it that obvious. We all know there’s gonna be a musical crossover people! No need to brag! Anyway, Winn’s  Crazy -Alien girlfriend Lyra, who surprisingly can’t be seen by cameras has been conning her all along. And we thought that the nerd got the girl.

She has been conning him, using his expertise to break into the museum of arts to steal Van Gogh’s starry night. And during the episode, there was a reference to Lyra being the “she-hulk”, which was just weird. It also turns out that there is one another person, other than Lyra who is great at lying. It’s Mon-El. As stated by him earlier that he was a guard on Daxam is a total, fricking lie. Instead, he’s the bloody prince of Daxam! The people who entered earth with their huge spaceship are the royal family of Daxam and have come to take Mon-El back.

Even though their son dating a Kryptonian is not so offending to Mon-El’s parents, Kara is not in a good mood during the course of the episode. She is angry, upset, brave all at the same time. A little too much for one person, isn’t it? While Winn is brought in by Maggie to ask him why he was roaming alone on the museum of art and was the disappearance of a hundred-year-old masterpiece a coincidence.

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While Winn and team are trying to find Lyra and the painting, Supergirl has a little chat with the Queen of Daxam, that does not turn out quite productive. After getting a location on Lyra, Winn, the Guardian and Alex go out to confront, only to capture Lyra as they fail to retrieve the painting after a pretty nice fight scene. After Winn learns of the real reason Lyra has been conning him, he asks her to have faith and frees her out of prison.

After they reach the bad-guy place, they are confronted by a really bad looking ex-Fort Roz prisoner Mandrax, who just kicks Guardian’s bu** like he’s playing with a child. With the DEO’s help,  they’re able to capture Mandrax and are able to free Lyra’s brother, who was the reason for all of this. Winn still forgives her, I don’t think the reason for that was her caring nature for family, I think it was that Lyra was the only girl that he’s gonna get in a long-long time.  But still, the geek did get the girl this time.

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Mon-El tries to make up to Kara but I have never seen her so serious and hurt before. All his acts go in vain and when she finally asks her whether he was ever going, to tell the truth, his silence gives all the answers, and Kara asks her to leave the room. At the DEO, Winn gives Kara a device that will teleport her to the other dimension for a holiday with the Flash, but suddenly a criminal alien is being transferred, who says that he’s been looking for Kara all along, and then with his eyes, hypnotizes her and takes the device and goes on search for the fastest man alive. Wondering why he’s been looking for Supergirl and Flash? We’ll find out next time!

To be continued on The Flash.

Rating: 8.5/10