Quantico 2×14: “LNWILT”

“You’ll be reporting to my son.” This how the last episode of Quantico ended. With Claire Haas recruiting operative to create an illegal task force to counter the AIC. All of us were like. Is Caleb returning? What about Shelby? Will they start dating again?  Well, all of just realised, there is a thing called a sibling. And the “son” part didn’t really mean Caleb, it meant her other son Clay, who is a political advisor and will be heading the task force.

The recruits are living their own lives, with Alex and Shelby working at the FBI and catching criminals. All of them meet at the ol’ Farm, where Claire is debriefs them about the eight pillars of terrorism. THey task force is asked to investigate the crash of a cargo plane that was carrying RDX. While Alex and Parrish are figuring out what their places are between them, Shelby and Clay don’t really start off on a good path, with Clay still dealing with her relationship with his father and her brother.

Owen Hall is taken out from jail to assist the task force and help them find the people who fund these terrorist attacks. Though it looks like he has a personal vendetta, against Parrish. When the recruits start brainstorming, it almost turns into a show of people isulting each other, and in the end fighting. They find a potential lead which contains a party of the top percent of the country. All of them dress-up and go into the party under fake names, of course to look for their target. Ryan embarrassingly fails to get the attention of a potential target and has to “uncharm” his way out of talking to a journalist, who further almost sabotages the mission. 

Leon contacts Dayna and Alex asking for help as he thinks that all of them are being hunted. Promising him a meet, they continue with the mission. Owen and Alex are successful in luring the host of the party into his office and convince him to hire them by cracking his security. As Owen leaves Parrish alone at the office, she has find her way out of there when she meets the delightful Harry Doyle, who instea of working for Her Majesty, is now on his own. To save themselves Fromm security guard, they have a “moment” that temporarily gets them out of there. The host of the party and the Ryan’s target enter the premises and start eavesdropping their conversation.

They are busted, but Harry Doyle, with his charm is able to get them out of the situation. But when they part ways, as we know that Alex never ceases to impress, picks his card from his pocket.

Their leads at the party don’t get them anywhere near to catching the AIC, which disappoints Clay and he’s decided to relieve them of their duty. But after Parrish’s talk with Harry, she is able to find the person who is funding the AIC. And after Leon meets with ALex and Dayana, they advise him to talk to a shrink. ZWhich further frustrates him. In the end, Leon is walking out of the bar after meeting Laex and Dayana, alone in the street. Now you know what’s going to happen. Anyone in these type of shows who is walking alone in a street is always in danger. Two people overpower him, drug him and kidnap him

For me, after this three week long holiday, I’ve been deperately waiting for the show to return and I wasn’t disappointed. I wish that ABC renews Quantico for season 3, as even though its railings are dwindling, I still love it.
Rating: 9/10