Scorpion 3×20: “Broken Wind.”

When two women are trapped in an enclosed space and one of them is an obnoxious genius with low EQ and the other is a normal person who is trying to help the other with her wedding, they are destined to fight.

Toby and Happy are trying to plan their wedding, but Happy doesn’t want a big one, as being the centre of attraction makes her nervous. All the three men are fighting for being the best man and Paige already thinks that she’ll be the Maid of Honor. Toby and Happy are completely surprised and confused about who to choose.

The team is asked to upgrade a wind energy farm when suddenly a Gondola that is carrying Paige and Happy loses its grip and is no hanging from one single cable attached to the wind tower.

Image result for scorpion broken wind

To take her minds off things, Paige starts discussing things about Happy and Toby’s wedding. Then Happy may or may not have mad an obnoxious remark about her being a genius and Paige being a cheerleader. Now, maybe Paige isn’t a genius, but no one should mess with an angry mother who is in a life-death situation and is worried sick about her child. Even though I knew that Happy can take care of herself, I was very scared for her.

The others manage to make something that helps in moving the gondola upwards and everyone now takes a deep breath. Comms out, Paige talks to Happy about how she doesn’t get them most of the time and understands that she isn’t a genius. I think I understand her. Being surrounded by 5 geniuses all the time isn’t an easy thing to handle and maybe when any of them even barely touches the land of the normal, she would like to make the most of it.

Image result for scorpion broken wind

Suddenly, their gondola starts moving upwards and then they are forced to climb up the rope that is keeping the gondola intact. Cabe takes a sniper shot, that he go and that detaches the gondola from the rope and leaves Happy and Paige hanging around 200 feet above the ground.

With their grips loosening, Walter has no choice left but to electrocute them. Well, who cares? It’s Scorpion. They can do everything, with anything they have. They are finally able to save the both of them and afterwards in the garage.  Unfortunately, for all the three men, Toby chooses a best “Ma’am” instead of a Best man. You know they are socially awkward geniuses, something like that was inevitable.

This episode was great, with Walter, Sly and Cabe competing for being the best man by making really, really bad jokes.I think this sudden outburst of Paige was somehow related to her being the odd one out in the gang.

Rating: 9/10


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