Roger Federer: The Greatest of All Time

I have personally been Roger Federer’s fan ever since I gained an interest international tennis. Watching him play tennis is always a treat to the eye. I haven’t been lucky enough to watch him play live, but I never miss any of his that I can watch. The way he plays is just nothing like any of his contemporaries. His single-handed backhands, unpredictability and charm of playing are what make him my favourite player.

Since the last five years, I have been waiting for him to win a Grand Slam so desperately, one can’t imagine. Every year, I’ve waited for him to return with a bang, but I would say the last two years haven’t been the best for hi. And with Djokovic dominating all of the tennis for over a year, I was really scared whether he’ll be able to make a comeback or not. He always made his way to the finals or semi-finals, but someone, every time got the better of him.

Image result for roger federer in between the legs shot gif

“Shots like this, who wouldn’t want to be his fan!”

But when this year, Djokovic lost in the first round of the Australian Open, I was both surprised and happy, for Federer. He eased his way past through the first rounds, but in the quarter finals, he was facing Mischa Zverev, who had just defeated first seed Andy Murray in the fourth round. But still, being the best player in the world, he defeated him and he eased past the semis into the finals where he would be facing long-time rival Rafael Nadal. Frankly, and this is coming from my heart, though I respect Nadal as a player, I always thought of him as a threat. No one had defeated Federer so many times on my watch. Whenever Federer was paired with Nadal, a sense of fear, butterflies in stomach, and tension would already start developing in my head as soon as I would come to learn of it.

I watched the whole match, sitting on my sofa, throwing pillows around at every point Federer lost and jumping with joy at every game Nadal lost. I already knew that the match was going to be a five-set one, and by the way, Federer was playing, I was 100% sure that he was gonna win. But as soon as he took a medical time-out, I knew something was wrong, and I started biting my pillow covers. I was standing during all of set five, and as soon as Federer won the match point, after the third consecutive challenge by Nadal, I covered my face with a pillow and shouted as loudly as I could, well not really, I shouted my mouth out.

Image result for shouting happy gif


Finally, after four years, he finally won his 18th grand slam. Though he was still leading in that area, but no harm in adding another one! And now we come to today, Federer just won the BNP Paribas Open, after defeating countryman Stanislas Wawrinka in straight sets. He became the oldest player to win this title, at 35. Beating Ivan Ljubicic’s record at 34 years of age.

After this win, I think this is just the beginning for him.He will always be the G.O.A.T., and we will never forget him, his charm and his play. In conclusion, Roger Federer has been, is, and will be favourite tennis player forever, even when he retires, which I wish never should happen. We all love you, Federer!


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