Marvel’s Iron Fist 1×01: “Snow Gives Way.”

Netflix just released Marvel’s latest action series Iron Fist on the 17th of March. This latest Marvel action series on Netflix focuses on Danny Rand, the son of a millionaire, returns back from the dead after fifteen years with some extraordinary abilities.

As he enters his late father’s new building, he is taken aback by the way people were refusing to listen to him Well, he was dressed as a homeless man without slippers, but still. After he makes his way past security by beating them with ease, he enters the office of the new head of the company, Ward Meachum, and Joy Meachum, Danny’s childhood friends. He tells them about his past but no one believes him and is escorted out by security.

Image result for iron fist episode 1

Late in the evening, he meets a homeless man who helps him get some food. Then he meets martial arts instructor who is handing out flyers of her self-defense academy. Danny tries to talk to her but she completely ignores him. After a while, he visits her academy and is again given the cold shoulder when he volunteers to teach kung fu at her academy. Assuming he’s lying, she asks her to leave. But, she finds out that he actually is a great fighter when he defends himself from Ward’s bodyguards easily knocks out both of them.

He confronts Ward in a parking lot in his car when he completely loses it and almost gets the both if them killed. Ward is then seen entering an office where he talks with his father about Danny and is then told by his father that the matter will be handled.

Then, he again enters the building of the company, where he meets Joy and requests her to talk with him. When he is trying to explain what happened on the plane, he starts feeling dizzy, and it turns out that Joy had drugged him and then he wakes up in a hospital.

This first episode was nice but it lacked the thrill that Marvel should have, like in Daredevil. Let’s see what the next few episodes have for us.

Rating: 8/10


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