Marvel’s Iron Fist 1×02: “Shadow Hawk Takes Flight”

Danny wakes up in a hospital where a doctor is sititing beside him. He is tied up and tries to get out of the hospital seat. But, the doctor takes a fork and tries to stab him in the throat. The nurses enter the room, and force the doctor who turns out to be a mental patient in a psychiatric hospital. When Danny finds out he’s there, he tries to get out of there. But, the drugs he’s given every eight hours prevent him from doing so.

Coleen, the martial arts teacher is walking all by herself in the streets of the city when she realises she is being followed by some people. After a while, all four of them confront her, but they get their a** kicked. It turns out that all of them were her students and completely fail the test. This episode was just too slow for me.Nothing like this happened with Daredevil. It just always kept me gripped. But when I was watching this episode, I just kept fast forwarding most of it.

Danny, from the hospital, calls Coleen, to ask her for help. She still ignores him, and hangs up. Even though he tries his best to convince her. Ward, who is still trying to handle the Danny situation, visits Coleen’s dojo, and asks her to sign a document stating that Danny Rand is dangerous, and offers her $50,000 to bribe her. The real doctor in the psychiatric hospital, asks Danny about who he really is. Even though Dannny tells him the story, he still believes that he isn’t who he claims to be as he finds a fake passport by the name John. After another few tests, the doctor calls Joy Meachum to confirm some things that Danny priority said. After his confirmation, Joy sends Danny a packet of M&m’s, and after it reaches her, she is sure that the man is Danny.
Danny’s doctor then too, thinks that Danny is telling the truth, but everything he’s saying about his chi, and the Himalayan monks is a false identity he created to save himself. Bummer! I think that Danny had the same feeling when one’s in a restaurant, see’s the waiter coming towards him, and finds out that the food in his hand is for another table.

On the other hand, Ward father, who is presumed dead, is mapping Danny’s every move from the penthouse he lives in and pays him a visit. Danny being under the influence of drugs, ansawers every question he asks and then passes out. Ward, then on his father’s orders, asks for Dany’s transfer and he is escorted into a room of full of psycho people, who start beating the tied up Danny. Suddenly, his hand starts shining and he hits each of them and then escapes after breaking a steel door with only his right fist.

The episode was OK, and was really slow. I forwarded most of it. But I still think this series is going to be a nice one after I watch the rest of the episodes.

Rating: 8/10


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