Arrow 5×16: “Checkmate.”

After the revelation of my favourite villain Prometheus, and after watching the trailer of this episode last week, I did know that the episode was going to be intense, and it surely was. Maybe it was my favourite episode of the season. This new look of Adrian Chase just gave me the creeps.

“I’m ten steps ahead of you and you don’t even know the game we’re playing yet!”

After listening to this dialogue, I knew this episode was going to be awesome. Oliver goes to Talia, to ask her about her student, Prometheus. That woman, who seems to be helping Oliver in Russia, knew all along that Adrian Chase/Prometheus was going to destroy him and she willingly helped him, as Oliver had just killed his father, Ra’s Al Ghul.

Adrian was the bada** for me in this one. This complete change in character just shows how much the Green Arrow has affected people. Felicity, after joining the hacktivist group Helix, asks for their help find something about Adrian Chase. Adrian is out in the free, and Team Arrow is openly threatening him to stand down. When Dinah and Curtis reach Adrian’s mother’s home, they find a video link showing Susan being held captive by Prometheus.

After Curtis is unable to find anything productive from the video, the Green Arrow confronts Adrian Chase and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t tell him where Susan is. That’s when Adrian drops the dialogue. In a rage, Oliver almost destroys the Arrow Cave, when John comes in to comfort him. That’s probably his only role in the whole series now. I don’t even understand why Oliver recruited the new ones. They were fine till the first twelve or thirteen episodes or so, but I think now that they are just for calling it a team, and three main characters would be very low. So apart from the people who get only a few lines per episode and their only role in the series is to console him, talk trash, and look for people, Felicity is forced to do some illegal hacking to prove to Helix that she is of use so that they can scan their database to locate Susan.

Emily Bett Rickards as Felicity Smoak and Kacey Rohl as Alena in Arrow's

The Green Arrow also goes to Adrian’s home to find Susan where he is confronted by his wife and the police, from whom he is able to escape, just like every other time. Adrian also kills SCPD’s Captain Pike as he had a lead on the Throwing Star Killer.After Felicity gets some information on Susan and Adrian’s whereabouts, Team Arrow goes all in to get Susan out of there.The place where Adrian has kept Susan was rigged with bombs that almost killed Dinah and Renee.

Oliver takes Adrian’s wife with him to make him stop doing all this killing, but now nothing is stopping him. He kills his wife too. In the end, after saving Susan, Oliver just loses it. The both of them just start hitting each other like madmen. They just don’t stop. There is no training from the League of Assasins now, it was just punches, jabs and kicks out of anger and revenge. After they both just exhaust themselves in this mad fight, Talia enters and shoots Oliver with an arrow that renders him unconscious. In the end, we see Oliver all tied up and Adrian and Talia telling him that he’ll be having the worst time of his life in there.


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