The Flash 3×16: “Into The Speed Force.”

Barry always takes everyone’s burden on his shoulders. It’s always his fault, isn’t it ? This burden of his, that results in Wally being sucked into the Speed Force, takes Barry there to bring the Kid Flash back.

Iris still isn’t wearing her engagement ring, that forces Barry to rethink all the choices he made. Cisco sends him into the Speed Force, which is now completely different than what we saw in Season 2. It is now even creepier. The first personification of the Force that he meets is long lost hero and the ancestor of the Reverse Flash, Eddie Thawne. He’s all like, “You lie, now don’t try”. The Speed force took it really badly the last time when he told them he’s come to terms with his mother’s death, but still went back in time and saved her that created Flashpoint.

One thing that I found weird in the episode was that all the dangers, like the not-so-good-looking flying creature Time Wraith and the equally bad looking Black Flash, his escape route was always through an elevator. Be it in the S.T.A.R. Labs or the Central City Police Station.

I don’t think Barry will ever stop solving all the problems alone, he says the team is there, but I don’t think he really listens to them. So, Barry almost gets killed by the Black Flash, a.k.a  Hunter Zolomon, with Ronnie Raymond watching,but is able to save himself by destroying his only way of returning back to his home. By the time Barry reaches Wally, he had already relived his mother’s death hundreds of times and will relive it for all eternity, until saved. Barry is about to go to Wally, when Leonard Snart, the cool Captain with a cool gun steps in and almost freezes the Flash to death.

BUT, just in the nick of time, Cisco sends Earth -3 Jay Garrick to save him who knocks out the Captain. Jay sacrifices himself and takes Wally’s place in the Speed Force so the both of them can escape.

Image result for jesse quick and savitar

On the other hand, or the other world, Jesse is losing her mind after seeing the easy going attitude of Team Flash with Savitar on the loose. She  takes the missing piece of his armour, after knocking out HR and confronts him. When she confronts him, he holds her by the throat after her very unsuccessful jab at throwing lighting at him and says :

“I have many plans for you in the future, Jesse”

Just after that, she stabs him in the body, and Savitar make a run for it. Barry and Wally come back, and Wally still seems to be in a shock after what he experienced in the Speed Force. In the end, Barry and Iris are talking, and Barry tells her that the both of them need some space. Is it the end of “#WestAllen”? I think it is.

Rating: 9/10

In the next episode, for which I’ve been waiting for a long time, we will see the musical versions of Kara Danvers, or Supergirl and the  Flash. Can’t wait !!


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