Legends of Tomorrow 2×15:”Moonshot.”

The Legends have now returned to their main mission, i.e., retrieving the last missing piece of the Spear of Destiny from the last member of the Justice Society of America. Henry Heywood, Nate’s grandfather was left in America, 1965 by Rip in the process of scattering the members of JSA.

Apparently, Henry is working with NASA on the Apollo 13 mission. In reality, it exploded, whereas, in the DC universe everything went smoothly. They meet up with Henry in the NASA headquarters, where he and Rip really don’t get off to a good start. Henry tells them that he has hidden the piece of the Spear in a place where only one man has been before And he’s Niel Armstrong. Yes, he hid the piece in the American Flag that the first man on the moon took to the moon. And now, it’s up to the Legends to retrieve it.

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While they are looking for a way to get back the missing piece, Eobard Thawne is already on his way to space and has already detached the part of the ship that will land on the moon. The Legends make it just in time and Ray reaches the spaceship with Eobard in it.

After they fight in gravity by just floating around in the LEM, the spaceship crash lands on the moon, that destroys its engines and Ray’s thrusters in his suit are also of no use. While in the timeship, Henry and Nate are talking, when Amaya hears them talking about Henry going back to 1942 back to his wife and kid whom he left because of Rip.

She tries to explain to Nate and Henry about the consequences of what’ll happen if Henry goes back in time. But Nate, desperate for a perfect relationship with his father ignores all this and tells Amaya about the future of her village, her daughter and granddaughter.

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While Eobard and Ray team up and put their brains together to figure out a way to get out of the moon as the Waverider’s engines are damaged because of its clash with the asteroid belt, Mick, Rory and Dr.Stein try to divert the minds of the people at Mission Control at NASA away from the Apollo 13 spacecraft that results in Martin singing a very weird British song that just saves them from any further problems.

Aboard the Waverider, Rip is constantly feeling left out as the team is managing just well on their own and don’t seem to need his help. The Waverider is gravely Eobard opens up about why he wants the Spear of Destiny and why he’s running. All of them return well and good from the Moon and space Henry sacrifices his life to save all the people on the Waverider. Eobard runs away from the ship as he doesn’t have time to look for the missing piece of the Spear as the Time Wraith would be coming any moment to get him.

Amaya asks Gideon about her future and finds out about the destruction of her village and the life of her future granddaughter.

The only thing that was missing in this episode was action, that makes me love this even more. Otherwise, everything was well and good.

Rating: 8/10


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