Scorpion 3×19: “Monkey See, Monkey Poo.”

” Anything with humans interacting with monkeys is always a treat to the eyes “

This is was said by a great man once, well by me. Becuase it’s true! Who doesn’t love small monkeys being seduced by humans!

Toby and Happy consult a counsellor before getting married so that they don’t face any problems in the future. The counsellor is the man who made things right between Walter and Toby during their couple’s therapy. He tells them that Toby never notices anything bad about Happy and gives him a counter that he should click when Happy does anything that annoys him.

So, in the Amazon Rainforest, the team are waiting for the monkey to come, but his captors get shot midway their journey and the monkey escapes. Now they have to look for a small monkey in one of the largest forests in the world.

Sly, even though in the garage due to his fear of monkeys, helps to locate the monkey by scanning heat signatures. They find the monkey, but it enters a tent of illegal armed wood loggers. They somehow distract him and enter the tent. That monkey was able to outsmart 3 geniuses and a former U.S. Marine to escape the tent.

Well, you know desperate times call for desperate measures, the only option they have left is to try and seduce the monkey with some flowers that are found all over the forest. All eyes are on Toby, who is forced to seduce the monkey by hopping around in circles, staring into the monkey’s eyes. It all pays off, and the monkey jumps onto Toby’s shoulder.

But, unfortunately, the information on the monkey being the cure turns out false and the team is left thinking about how to prevent thousands of people from dying. They reach a conclusion that the cure must be in the monkey’s diet.

Sly, tells them that the monkey eats a special fruit found on a tree that is about 60 feet tall and has hundreds of deadly spiders on it.They needed something mechanical to shake the tree to get the fruit. Toby and Cabe go to the loggers’ tent to get the machine, but the man attacks them and is almost able to shred Toby into pieces when the monkey saves his life.See! I told you! It wasn’t going to be bad!

They succeed in shaking the fruit from the tree but release hundreds of spiders that are now on the ground ready to kill them. Happy saves all lives by electrocuting every single one of them.But still, one spider, that is crawling up Toby’s shirt is alive. Happy takes the wires out and electrocutes the spiders with Toby, without worrying about anything. The counter is out, and Toby clicks it. They secure the fruit and are able to create a cure that will, in future saves many lives.

In the garage, when Cabe calls it a day, he seems really sad, but Waler steps in and asks if he wants to hang out. Paige is shocked to see this sudden change of feelings and portrayal of empathy toward Cabe. Toby explains to her that it broke his heart when she was with Tim.

I personally loved the episode and the monkey made it even more fun!

Rating: 9.5/10


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