Flash 3×15: “Wrath of Savitar”

Savitar is back, and he is really messing with everyone’s mind. Especially Wally’s. In the end of the last episode, we saw Wally outside getting a burger when he sees Savitar. Nothing in that part was real. It was Savitara getting into his brain.

The three speedsters were training and mimicking the night when Iris dies, and Wally just saves Iris in 0.21 seconds, hypothetically. Barry and Iris break the news about their engagement. While everyone’s happy, Joe seems a little disappointed because Barry didn’t ask for his permission. It was really a tradition in the West family. The man asking for the blessing of the girl’s father.

Savitar keeps disturbing Wally by frequently messing with his mind and preventing him from functioning well. The team asks Julian to help them talk with Savitar which he reluctantly agrees to do, two times.

Savitar warns everyone that as soon as he gets out the hell that future Barry put him into, he’ll kill everyone he loves. They try to pinpoint his location but are unable to do so. We also find out that the piece of the Philosopher’s stone that Barry threw into the speed force, was with Caitlin all along. She thought that she will be able to get rid of her evil powers. One more thing, the only reason that Barry proposed to Iris was because he thought that it will change the future and prevent her from dying.

Wally starts having hallucinations about his mother, but when he realises that its Savitar, he runs after him to capture him once and for all, but Jesse tells team Flash and as soon as he reaches there, Wally had already thrown the stone in the portal and was being sucked into the speed force by Savitar and Savitar was released from the Speed Force.

He starts fighting with Savitar, and this time, it wasn’t really humiliating for him. Barry hit Savitar really hard, and this time even his punches hurt the God of Motion. He was on the verge of unmasking him and I was on the verge of jumping off of my sofa, but Savitar threw him away and with his scary steel claw, punctures Barry’s chest. Barry still is able to phase through his blade and cut it off from his hand, that causes Savitar a lot of pain. Caitlin removes the blade from Barry’s chest and when he recovers, Iris wasn’t wearing the ring.

I loved this episode. It was far better than the last one. We got to see much more of Savitar and a lot more running.

Rating: 9/10


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