Supergirl 2×15: “Exodus”

Supergirl is back and it has come back with a boom. This episode is now officially my favourite. This is how every episode should be. So much fighting! I just couldn’t keep my eye off the TV this time!

Alex completely loses it. Jeremiah’s betrayal, I think hit her really hard that time. We got to know in the last episode that Cadmus has information about every alien in the country and has the plan to send them back by kidnapping them. Everyone at the DEO is really appalled by the abductions and are not able to come up with any plan to stop it.

Everyone except Kara and J’onn is in the alien bar having fun when suddenly Cadmus agents bomb the bar and start kidnapping all of them. Alex, James, Winn’s new Alien-Girlfriend Lyra and Maggie are just kicking everyone’s a** like its a thing they do every day (they do) but suddenly two agents overpower Lyra and take her with them.

Kara is trying to run the Alien abduction story but Snapper just says no. This forces her to take some steps that eventually get her fired from her job at CatCo.

At the DEO, they try interrogating the man they had caught while trying to save the aliens from being abducted at the bar when Alex literally loses it. She goes all out on him. She tried to talk to him but it was a bad day to say no to Alex. She beats the crap out him, almost ruins his face throws him all around in the interrogation room, but J’onn interfered and stops Alex from almost killing him.

At Alex’s apartment, Jeremiah comes and tries to persuade her into providing her with equipment that can stop Lillian’s plans. But it turns out it was J’onn, who as Jeremiah was testing Alex and her loyalty. This really angers her and also gets her suspended for a while.

But Alex ain’t gonna give up. With Maggie’s help, she finds out where Cadmus is and tries to stop Lillian from sending all the abducted aliens to another planet. Jeremiah, this time takes Alex’s side and helps her stop the plane. But the spaceship takes off and now it is all up to Supergirl to prevent a 100 metre tall and wide spaceship from entering space.

Supergirl stops that million tonne spaceship with great difficulty but she does it and saves the day. In the end, we see two people wearing black robes on a spaceship who are just entering earth. Who are they?┬áBut they do get powers from our yellow sun. They are [spoiler alert !] Mon-El’s parents! Now we get to know more about Mon-El’s back story.

Rating: 9.5/10


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