Arrow 5×15: “Fighting Fire with Fire.”

Finally, we know who the notorious Throwing Star Killer aka Prometheus is. It’s District Attorney Adrian Chase. Many comic fans may know him as Vigilante, the other nemesis of the Green Arrow in this season. But the plot has suddenly taken a hard turn.

According to me, Arrow was going through a dry-spell in the last few episodes, as there was the absence of the much-wanted thrill. The last two episodes did it for me. Mayor Queen almost is in the process of getting impeached as he covered up for the Green Arrow’s dirty work. Oh, and another thing, Vigilante is back.

He almost killed the Mayor convoy on their way from City Hall had the police not reached there.

Then there is a clash between Prometheus and Vigilante about who will kill the Green Arrow. After this brawl, we find out that Adrian Chase, Oliver’s real friend, is Prometheus.

Curtis invents some stuff, that Team Arrow makes fun of, a  LOT  in this episode. It helps the Team to track Vigilante and take him down, but unfortunately, Vigilante alone almost kills all Spartan, Mr.Fanatstic and Renee had it not been for Curtis’ new inventions.Felicity is seen joining the hacktivist group Helix. No clue what the future has for her.

In the end, we see Adrian Chase talking to Susan Williams, who got her job back, by the way. And it doesn’t seem that Adrian has any intention of letting her go home.

Rating: 9/10

Here’s what we have next time on Arrow:-


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