The Flash 3×14: “Attack on Central City.”

Remember how Gypsy was supposed to help Grodd and his army destroy Central City? Well, she did assist them to reach Earth-One, but it was all the result of Grodd’s telepathic mind.

H.R. and Harry don’t actually set off on the right foot because Harry still thinks that H.R. doesn’t really help out much. Cisco asks Gypsy to help them defeat Grodd and his army, but she declines the offer. Cisco vibes into the future and finds out the place where Grodd is about to launch his attack. But it turns out to be just a diversion in which Joe almost lost his life had Barry not saved him from a bullet that was just centimetres away from his head.

Then Grodd is about to launch six nuclear missiles at Central City when Flash comes in and saves the day with just in the nick of time. But, Grodd always plans ahead, but this time, Team Flash did too. When Team Flash is trying to stop the Gorilla army on its own, I was thinking there’s gonna be some serious action, but there really was just one big fight.

Cisco convinces Gypsy to help him while she was dealing with another speedster. Yeah, another one. I don’t know why they just keep adding speedsters all the time! 2 are enough for one season! And we’ve got four. That’s just too many.So with Gypsy’s help, Cisco brings in the last ruler of Gorilla City to First Earth. Solovar is back, and he challenges Grodd to a duel in which Solovar almost destroys him. That’s all. This episode was not what I was expecting. It was really underwhelming.

Even with three  speedsters, there wasn’t much to see. At the West residence, when Jesse and Wally are watching a movie, she tells Wally that she could really go for a Big Belly Burger. Outside Big Belly Burger, guess who Wally meets, if you said his doppelganger from another Earth, you are absolutely wrong. It was Savitar, who doesn’t really look in a good mood.

In the end, we see Barry proposing to Iris, and the answer was……well, I’ll tell you after the next episode.

Rating: 7.5/10


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