Supergirl 2×14:”Homecoming.”

Jeremiah Danvers has come back, and he has brought a lot of secrets with him. Kara and Mon-El’s relationship is moving forward, but she wants to keep in on the DL. After the both of them reach the DEO, within 10 seconds, Mon-El announces that he and Kara are dating.

A suspected robbery takes Supergirl and Martian Manhunter to a group of thieves who are transporting something in a truck made of lead. After the both of them had beaten the crap out of the thugs, they find out that Jeremiah, all tied-up was being transferred.

As soon as they reach the DEO, Alex seems to be on cloud nine. But Mon-El seems suspicious of Jeremiah from the starting. Kara tells him that nothing is wrong and that Mr.Danvers in not hostile. Mon-El still doesn’t give up, and he and Winn tell Kara that Jeremiah has been looking for something classified who then confronts both the father and daughter duo.

This creates some serious tension between Alex and Kara. When a team from DEO is out searching for a nuclear reactor, Jeremiah is doing something from the DEO that leads o a very violent fight between him and John. After he beats John, with the help of his enhanced arm, he goes to Lillian Luthor where Kara and Alex confront them.

Alex’s emotions come in between her job, and she lets Jeremiah go. In the end, we see a huge, really huge ship in Cadmus’ possession whose reason for being there is unknown, but we do know that Lillian is planning to destroy all the aliens on Earth.Who knows what Supergirl’s got in store for us.

Rating: 9/10


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