Scorpion 3×18:”Don’t Burst my Bubble”

Phew! This is was a close one. When a person can die even if she comes in contact with air, or bacteria, that are around us every time, there’s nothing much you can do.

This episode takes us to Lancaster, where Happy’s mechanic buddy Ada Spencer, a teenage girl, lives and has a different kind of disease wherein her immune system is fragile. She lives in her own plastic bubble, literally!

We also learn that Tim and Paige break-up as long distance was not working out for them, and we also see an entirely new form of Walter, who at first couldn’t even guess people’s feelings is now helping people emotionally!

After the little girl’s life is in danger as her plastic home is about to burst due to a storm that broke her home’s roof, the team brainstorms, and somehow with the help of Hazmat suits and oxygen tanks, transfers her into a tank full of honey. Then they put her in a meat freezer, and then burn the meat freezer from outside with the girl in it.  I know, I thought they’ve gone mad.Well, they are Scorpion, you know.

The team manages to create a volatile environment for Ada to live in, and Walter even promises her to find a cure for her disease. The episodes ends in a lovely way, with Ada getting to experience a dance with Sly through Virtual Reality.

PS – Sly lost the Alderman Elections

Rating: 8.5/10


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