The Blacklist 4×15: “Apothecary.”

You won’t believe what you’re just about to read. The Blacklist has done it again, I was utterly astounded by what I saw in the latest episode of the ABC crime-thriller.

It starts with Red in a makeshift operation room being treated by doctors to save his life from a deadly engineered poison. Yes, someone poisoned Red! He somehow manages to stand up and exit the room to find Dembe and reaches a house wherein a girl is tied up. He asks her how she got here, and it turns out that Red is the one who tied her up and put her there. Red is all over the place, coughing, losing his balance again and again. He unties the girl, and the both of them go to the pharmacy to get drugs for Red.

Red asks for the help of the task force to find out who drugged him and who made the drug. That takes us to another blacklister, the “Apothecary.”He makes very delicately engineered poisons that affect the immune system of only one person, for whom it has been made.

Red, finds out that he had been there to look for Marvin Gerard, his lawyer whom he got out of federal prison. The team is successful in the search for the Apothecary, and Red goes to the place where he was having dinner the last night. He had called the 11 people there who had the key to his offshore funding account which had been used to destroy his organization. Most of the are still locked in the place where they were having dinner and Red discovers that he had been poisoned through wine, that had been sent by Marvin.

He finds him, interrogates him, and as soon as he was about to shoot him, Liz calls and tells that he couldn’t have been poisoned through wine, but it will be possible through scotch, which was kept right beside him. He tries to recall who gave him the scotch.

Wait……..there are huge spoilers in the next few lines, be ready to be shocked. In the flashback, we see that the person who gives him the scotch was none other than Dembe. His most trusted friend and closest of associates. Mind = Blown. Dembe betrayed Red!



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