The Big Bang Theory 10×17: “The Comic-Con Conundrum.”

Finally, The Big Bang Theory has got its groove back. The latest episode of the ABC sitcom has now become on of my favorite episodes to date.

In the beginning, we see Sheldon managing Raj’s expenses and advising him not to go the Comic-Con this weekend. All the other guys are preparing for going to Comic-Con, and this time Penny is going with them too, but reluctantly. Penny doesn’t want to go, and Leonard doesn’t want to take Penny with him. But both of them are completely thinking the opposite.

With Raj, selling his toys and looking for chores to do so that he can earn enough money to go to comic-con, I couldn’t stop laughing during the whole episode.

Leonard is still trying to persuade Penny into not going to Comic-Con without dropping a hint, but Penny still says yes. In the world famous TBBT staircase, where many things have happened, and several things revealed, Leonard and Penny find out that Penny doesn’t want to go to Comic-Con and Leonard doesn’t want to take her there. This totally surprises the both of them and everything gets back to normal.

At the Wolowitz residence, all of the guys except Sheldon decide to ditch Comic-Con this year and spend time with each other. Sheldon tries to persuade Amy but she says no.

I loved this episode, and you should watch it too.

Rating: 9/10



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