MWC 2017- What to expect

The biggest mobile show in the world is here. And, as always, there are many things you to watch out for. It will be starting on 27th of February and will end on the 3rd of March. Many rumored phones will be launched in the next few days, so don’t miss the MWC at any cost.

Here’s what to expect at MWC 2017:

  • Huawei P10
  • Blackberry DTEK70
  • Moto G5/G5 Plus
  • Nokia 8/P1
  • Sony Experia X2
  • LG G6
  • A Samsung Tablet

And many more things…….To know more, keep reading!

Huawei’s next flagship

Huawei will be launching their next flagship phone at the MWC this year. The Huawei P10 will have the latest Android Nougat, 2K screen resolution, a large 6GB RAM.  It will be bundled up with an octa-core processor and a Mali GPU. Well, it seems impressive, but fingers crossed!


Blackberry will show off their next handset, the  “Mercury” or DTEK70 which is a touch/keyboard phone. It will contain the latest Android v7.0 and a 1080 x 1620 resolution. A Qualcomm processor and a decent Adreno GPU. With the Blackberry Priv getting decent reviews, who knows what the future for this new phone will be.


HTC has come back into form with the launch of its HTC 10 with was a great phone with excellent specs. The HTC U Ultra w too was launched, but it won’t be HTC’s flagship for the year. It is expected that the HTC Ocean or HTC 11 will be launched this year at MWC. Don;t expect too much, rumor can always be false. But HTC will be launching the HTC 11, HTC U and HTC U Vive sometime this year.

LG’s new killer




LG announced the LG G6 a while back, and i is expected to be released at MWC this time. LG’s next flagship will have the latest OS, top processors, brilliant cameras and GPU. But it all is in the hands of the reviewers. Because, you know, fancy specification don’t matter every time. You know what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, right?

Let’s forget the smartphones, The Grandpa is back!


Nokia will be revealing the 3310 this year.


This year, at MWC, Nokia will be resurrecting the Nokia 3310. Yes, the indestructible phone, that survived the Hiroshima-Nagasaki bombings, and all those memes you’ve read, you’ll finally get to try the real phone behind all these legends.

This year’s MWC sounds pretty interesting to me. So, don’t miss it and keep reading!


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