Legends of Tomorrow 2×12:”Camelot/3000″

In Detroit, in the year 3000, Rip kills the former member of the Justice Society of America “Doctor Mid-Nite” in search for the missing piece of the Spear of Destiny.

This episode of Legends of Tomorrow takes us to the kingdom of King Arthur in 6th century AD. The Legends reach there in search for the missing piece of the Spear that is in the court of King Arthur. As soon as they enter the palace, they meet another member of the JSA, Courtney/Stargirl. She tells them that when they were searching for the Spear, they were joined by a time master, Rip Hunter, and when their team found the Spear, they decided to break it into pieces as anyone who comes in possession of the weapon would be invincible. He sent all members of the JSA two different time zones with the various pieces of the Spear.

There are tensions in the court of King Arthur, as a black knight who turns out to be Damien Darhk is killing every knight he encounters. King Arthur secretly tries to fight the dark knight all by himself but is defeated. Damien and Rip enter the palace with King Arthur and other knights and it turns out that Rip is controlling them with a telepathic device that he stole from Doctor Mid-nite in the future.

The Legends are given an ultimatum to deliver the piece of the Spear of Destiny unless they want to see their king die. But you know ’em, thet won’t go down without a fight, thet are successful in defeating the mind controlled army of knights and after the war the Legends take Rip back with them to the Waive Rider. A Happy Ending…..

P.S. – You really think it will be a happy ending? Do you rememebr Gideon, the super smart AI computer? She still remebers Rip and thinks that he still is Captain and will be helping evil Rip escape in the next episode.

Rating: 9/10

Here;s the promo for the next episode:


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