The Flash 3×13: “Attack on Gorilla City.”

Finally, Grodd is back, and he’s angry, really mad at Earth – one. Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Julian set out for a journey to the second Earth in search for Harrison Wells. They get to earth two alright, but the gorillas hit them with some darts that makes them lose consciousness. It turns out, Grodd isn’t leading the gorillas, some other gorilla named Solovar is. And he is even more terrifying than Grodd.

The gorillas put Team Flash in cages, and somehow the gorillas have figured out a way to dampen Cisco and Flash’s powers. Grodd tells them that Solovar will execute them in the arena. But, he says that if he kills Solovar, they would be free to go. If he doesn’t, the Central City will burn to ashes.

Barry challenges Solovar to a duel in exchange for the lives of his friends. He somehow, with Cisco’s help and with a lot of beating, is able to defeat Solovar. But, it turns out that this was Grodd’s plan all along. He wanted Flash to beat Solovar as he couldn;t so that he can rule Gorilla City. Grodd tells Team Flash that he only needs Cisco as he wants to use Cisco’s powers to open a breach to Earth-one so that his army can travel to earth one and destroy Central City.

Somehow, Team Flash manages to save Wells and escape Gorilla City but,  after Grodd becomes the leader of Gorilla City, we see another character returning. Gypsy, the hunter from Earth-19, will be helping Grodd and his army to attack Central City.

Back on earth-1, some tensions arise between Jesse and Wally about their relationship. Jesse, on the advice of HR, decides to move to earth-1 with Wally.

The episode was great, and it has worsened my fear of gorillas and taught all of us to never, ever mess with an angry, telepathic Gorilla.

Rating: 9/10

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode:


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