Supergirl 2×13: “Mr. and Mrs.Mxysptlk”

“Kara, darling, I love you.”This how Mr.weird name entered Kara’s place when she and Mon-el were having a moment. He snaps his fingers and boom! Mon-el is in the DEO in only underwear, snap! There are candles all over Kara’s place. Snap! Kara’s wearing a Vera Wang dress. Snap! And now he’s proposing to her. The first few minutes of the episode were a bit difficult to handle.

Now, at Maggie’s apartment, she telling Alex how much she hates Valentine’s day and Alex is a little disappointed about that. Alex reaches out to Kara when suddenly Parasite is wreaking havoc in the middle of National City. When Supergirl and Mon-el reach there, it turns out that Mr.Mxysptlk was the one who created all this mess. He warns Kara that is she doesn’t marry him, it won’t turn out right for Earth.

In the alien bar, we see Winn getting bullied by some aliens when suddenly an Alien from Starhaven intervenes, beats the crap out of the aliens and saves Winn. One thing leads to another, and Winn has a date for Valentine’s Day! Mon-el tries to take out Mr. Mxysptlk on his own when Supergirl intervenes and agrees to marry him in the Fortress of Solitude if he leaves the Earth alone.

There, Kara someway tricks him into spelling his name backward that temporarily takes away his powers and sends him back to another dimension. Phew!

Rating: 9/10

Here’s the trailer of Supergirl’s next episode:


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