Quantico 2×12: “FALLENORACLE”

Finally! Finally, we get to know something about the mysterious Harry Doyle. We find out about the supposed suicide of his former boyfriend, Elliot.

In this episode, the recruits are asked to break into the NSA and clear anything they want that is against them from NSA’s database. While that is happening, Lydia is running an entirely different covert op with Ryan, Dayana, and  León to get access to the NSA database. Alex finds about it taps the device with which Ryan tapped into the NSA’s database for Lydia.

Shelby or “Jane,” is really disappointed when León breaks up with her and says that she fell for a “mark.”

While Owen and Parrish are running their own operation to expose Lydia,  León gets thrown out of The Farm and Lydia’s supposed “Real CIA” mainly due to Dayana who thinks that he is a liability to the operation and can’t work with him any longer.

In the future, we see Alex getting every hostage out of the building when Sebastian’s wife Carly is discovered to be a CIA operative and almost kills  Harry. Sebastian kills her and is severely wounded. There are still two people missing. One, Dayana, who has Will Olsen with her. Alex must get the hard drives that Lydia had to hide in the building.

In the end, we see Sebastian almost choking Harry to death but Dayana comes to his rescue and saves him.

With rumors of cancellation, who knows how all this will end?

Rating: 9/10


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