Scorpion 3×16:”Keep it in Check, Mate”

This episode of Scorpion has become one my favorites of all times. The case takes us to Sardovia, where they have to save a chess grandmaster from the evil guys by entering an international chess tournament.

When they are being debriefed about the case, and as soon as they hear the word “chess,” everything changes. We see entirely new sides of Walter and Sly.

We also see some tension between Cabe and Happy regarding her father that makes Happy cross some limits and also break some laws.Guess what! Ralphy Boy has two dates for his valentine’s day dance! And he is really confused about it and instead of asking his mother for help, he asks the last people in the world one should ask this question which really disturbs page.

The Match

Now let’s get back to the main point, the “dark” sides of Walter and Sly. This was the first time I saw Walter and Sly trash talking, insulting each other and using sarcasm. In the semi-final, we see Walter against Sly, genius against genius. A soon as Sly is about to win, Walter deliberately sneezes on Sly’s pieces so that he cannot touch the part and thus saving himself. But Sly is prepared, Sly takes out his gloves and performs the winning move. He celebrates and mistakingly shakes the pieces of the chess board before it had been inspected that results in him being disqualified from the competition that creates, even more, problems for the team Scorpion. Well, I already told you that this is one of the best episodes of Scorpion. There won’t be even one dull moment.  This is an episode that one shouldn’t miss.

Rating: 10/10


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