The Flash 3 x 12: “Untouchable”

Welcome to blogopolis, and today I’m gonna be reviewing the latest episode of the CW hit series – “The Flash.” With all the high graphics, running, and science, you don’t want to ignore this show. This show revolves around Barry Allen, a CSI for Central City Police Department and the fastest man alive, who can achieve incredible speeds and has super sharp reflexes and many more powers.

Well, the episode was great actually. The best part was the race between Barry and Wally. It was just awesome. With Joe getting to know about Iris’ supposed fate, Iris fighting life and death situations, Wally learning new tricks to defeat villains, The Flash never ceases to disappoint, both emotionally and action-wise. Well, in the end, we see both The Flash and Kid Flash saving the day by risking their lives for others, but there’s another thing that going to make you guys shake, or probably jump with excitement. We see Jesse Quick entering Earth one through a portal when Wally sees her and tries to embrace her, but she isn’t in the mood for that. She has an entirely different expression on her face. She’s scared, and after she has come back to her senses, she says,”Grodd, he has my father, and he has taken him to Gorilla City.” Well, I for one, am not gonna miss that episode because you know, Gorilla Grodd is back!!

Does that mean Two Wells?

Team Flash saving Dr.Wells means they are going to Gorilla City, that means HR will go with them too. The chat between the both of them is going to be something that one shouldn’t miss.

Rating: 9/10


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